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The Emerging Church, Conclusion

Discover the Hidden Agenda Behind the Modern "Church-Growth" Movement
Part of the "Watchman on the Wall" Series 

Conclusion of the Invasion Series, (Part of the "Watchman on the Wall" Series)

Discover the hidden agenda behind the modern "church-growth" movement. Pastor Mike gives his testimony on how upon becoming Pastor of his church under very strange circumstances, that God immediately began to apply the rod of chastening. God chose to give Pastor Mike grace in spite of his life, disobedience and rebellion up until that point. There was a lot of work to be done in Pastor Mike. At that point, he accepted just about any Bible translation, especially in Sunday school. From observing everything that was going on around him, he felt he needed to perform and succeed and treated it like a business in order to show everyone how well he could do - to prove himself.

Proving himself meant to increase Sunday school membership, increase church enrollment and to to bring people in. He thought it was his job to do all that - it was a mindset that was popular then and even more popular now... that you do whatever it takes, no matter what. And they could no longer use old ways because they don't work. They had to use the new methods and new ways to guarantee success, church growth and to appeal to lost people. Learning the new lingo to "lure" people into your church.

The popular way to implement this strategy was based on the book that Rick Warren with New Age author and Church growth specialist Leonard Sweet published, "The Tides of Change, Riding the Next Wave in Ministry." Find out how God dealt with Pastor Mike to repent and to give him grace to understand that he was pastoring God's Church and that as long as Pastor Mike did what God told him to do, that God would determine who would come into His Church and who would go out of His Church. God did not so much chastize as to set Pastor Mike free from the bondage of having to perform every Sunday and put on a show to appeal to the fickle nature of saved and lost people alike.


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